Make-up Applicators

Large powder brush
(HB- F30)

The F30 Large Powder Brush features a large, round fluffy brush head used for a diffused application of powder products all over the face. This multi-functional brush is perfect for seamless blending and finishing your makeup look.

Angled Blush Brush
(HB- F40)

The F40 Angled Blush Brush features a fluffy angled brush head with soft, round edges. Use this brush with powder products such as blush or bronzer on the cheekbones for the perfect diffused contour.

Duo Fibre Stippling Brush
(HB- F50)

The F50 Duo Fibre Stippling brush features blended fibers with an airy flat brush head. This brush is perfect to blend powder or liquid products onto the skin for an airbrushed finish.

Foundation Brush

The F60 Foundation Brush features a firm and slightly tapered flat brush head. Works best to brush on cream or liquid products such as primer or tinted moisturizer.

Concealer Brush
(HB- F75)

The F75 Concealer Brush features a thin, tapered, flat brush head. Best used with cream or liquid products to conceal small or hard to reach areas of the face for maximum control and coverage.

Round Eyeshadow Brush
(HB- E55)

The E55 Round eyeshadow brush features a soft and dense squared brush head with slightly rounded edges. This eye shadow brush works best for an all-over application of color to the lid with lighter shades for a base.

Flat Angled Kabuki Brush
(HB- F88)

The F88 Flat Angled Kabuki features a flat angled brush head with very soft and dense fibers. This brush provides a flawless, high definition foundation finish when used along the flat planes of the face and around the harder to reach edges of the face such as the nose or around the mouth with minimal absorption of product.

Tapered Face Brush
(HB- F25)

The F25 Tapered Face Brush features a large, tapered tip brush head. This brush works great for applying powder products onto the cheekbones and temples with blush or bronzer. The tapered tip is also ideal for gently contouring the face.

All Over Blend Brush
(HB- E37)

The E37 All Over Blend Brush features a firm rounded brush head great for softening harsh lines and buffing out dark colors for a well-blended effect.

Large Fluff Brush
(HB- E50)

The E50 Large Fluff Brush features a soft and dense squared brush headed with slightly rounded edges. This brush works best for an all-over application of color to the lid with lighter shades for a base.